By Percorsi a.s.d

Central Italy is a stunning land where nature, culture and fun can let you live a unique experience

Our skilled Environmental Guides will lead you to discover this territory with its hidden gems

Explore vacations

The best way to discover a region is to live and explore it.

Our guides have lived, worked and explored this land for years. We can take you on nature hikes, guided tours, trekking, sports in nature, educational tours - always aside a skilled professional figure so that you will be safe and able to enjoy the experience without any worry!

We do things a little differently. Even when visiting famous parks or cities,  we wander away from the large tourist sites.

This isn't your first time in Italy? Don't worry: we have plenty of suggestions, ideas, and hikes suitable for who already knows this land, but wants to discover it from a different point of view.

We plan and lead hiking tours with a light backpack, day hikes in parks and natural areas, trekking, guided tour in villages and cities, sightseeing, backpack tours along the Via Francigena,  laboratories, environmental education, heritage interpretation and much more.

Every time of the year has its perfect activity!

We can cut & sew the perfect vacation for you, according to your interests. Our vast selection of itineraries draws upon some of the country’s most breathtaking landscapes... just be inspired!


Who we are

We are a team of experienced guides: professional Hiking and Environmental guides, certified Tour Guides, Heritage interpreter, Natural educators. Our know-how comes from experience and a deep understanding of our natural environment.

Each guided tour is led by experienced guides who have a deep local knowledge. With their passion and professionalism, you'll be able to live a rich and unique experience.



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